Thursday, October 09, 2008

BTO Atlas 1st winter results

We now have the Pembrokeshire data for the first winter season of the new BTO atlas. There are almost 15,000 records for Pembrokeshire - a huge effort and many thanks to those who have contributed.

The map gives an indication of the number of species recorded so far in each tetrad.

Green patches - no records yet

Grey squares are less than seven species and probably mostly represent birds recorded while someone is driving through a square.

Darkest red squares have between 35 and 70 species recorded - the result of timed tetrad visits, and people recording in the tetrads where they live or visit most often.

We have records from 358 tetrads
152 species were recorded

A minimum of 225,573 individual birds were recorded (where no count was entered, the number is assumed to be one - so really there were lots more)

At least 59 people contributed - not all from Pembrokeshire, and indeed one person has an address in Finland.

Lots more effort is needed, especially in the middle and north-east of the county, so please do contribute in the coming season - fieldwork starts again on November 1st.

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