Sunday, December 31, 2006

WeBS counts - Pembrokeshire totals for November 2006

Red-throated Diver 1
Great Northern Diver 1
Little Grebe 72
Great Crested Grebe 11
Cormorant 33
Shag 8
Little Egret 43
Grey Heron 22
Mute Swan 55
Canada Goose 223
Shelduck 265
Wigeon 7699
Teal 957
Mallard 315
Pintail 19
Shoveler 10
Tufted Duck 1
Common Scoter 34
Goldeneye 1
Water Rail 3
Moorhen 18
Oystercatcher 431
Ringed Plover 42
Golden Plover 1
Grey Plover 1
Lapwing 2070
Purple Sandpiper 1
Dunlin 1204
Snipe 20
Curlew 755
Spotted Redshank 1
Redshank 622
Greenshank 15
Common Sandpiper 1
Turnstone 77
Kingfisher 3
Mediterranean Gull 3
Black-headed Gull 1605
Common Gull 44
Lesser Black-backed Gull 228
Herring Gull 460
Great Black-backed Gull 44
Kittiwake 1
Iceland Gull 1

Pembs Total 17421
The 2006 National Dartford Warbler survey

Until 2003, when six pairs of Dartford Warblers were found in one location (at least three of which reared young), there had been no previous reported evidence of them breeding in Pembrokeshire (Pembs Bird Report 2003). This year’s national Dartford Warbler survey therefore provided an opportunity to find out if they were still maintaining a foothold in the county, or if there were indications of further population expansion.

Between April and June 2006, 55 tetrads (2km x 2km OS squares) were checked for presence of Dartford Warblers and evidence of probable or confirmed breeding. These included a few targeted locations where there had been recent breeding evidence. Most of the remaining locations surveyed were squares randomly selected by the BTO/RSPB.

Despite a cold, wet and rather unpromising early spring, results were encouraging.

Between 14 and 18 Dartford Warbler territories were recorded in suitable habitat. This was based on mapped registrations of singing/calling males, displaying birds/pairs, or adults with food or young.

Three pairs were just over the border in Carmarthenshire, the remainder were in seven separate tetrads in Pembrokeshire.

It is still early days, but the survey shows that the population, although still small and potentially vulnerable to predation and the vagaries of weather, is still expanding its range within the County.

None of the randomly selected squares had much suitable heathland habitat and no Dartford Warblers were found in them. However, at least 38 Stonechat territories (Stonechats were an additional species to record) were found. These were reported in more than 50% of the tetrads visited – providing some additional information for the ongoing Pembrokeshire Breeding Birds survey.

Fieldwork for the survey relied on a team of volunteers. The following observers contributed records:

John Best, Sam Bosanquet, Ian Bullock, Jonathon Copp, Richard Crossen, Richard Ellis, Steve Gerlach, Bob Haycock, Jane Hodges, Greg Morgan, Trevor Price, Graham Rees, Steve Sutcliffe and Matt Sutton.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

October WeBS counts for Pembrokeshire

Red-throated Diver 1
Little Grebe 63
Great Crested Grebe 8
Cormorant 55
Shag 6
Little Egret 51
Grey Heron 31
Mute Swan 152
Greylag Goose 1
Canada Goose 872
Shelduck 14
Wigeon 3812
Teal 1451
Mallard 1076
Tufted Duck 3
Moorhen 141
Coot 79
Oystercatcher 525
Ringed Plover 34
Golden Plover 161
Dunlin 72
Snipe 40
Black-tailed Godwit 4
Bar-tailed Godwit 5
Whimbrel 1
Curlew 798
Redshank 227
Greenshank 16
Common Sandpiper 2
Turnstone 19
Kingfisher 3
Mediterranean Gull 12
Black-headed Gull 4615
Common Gull 1
Lesser Black-backed Gull 443
Herring Gull 1438
Great Black-backed Gull 96
Sandwich Tern 7
Guillemot 1
Razorbill 3
Sparrowhawk 1
Buzzard 6
Kestrel 1
Peregrine 2

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

September WeBS counts for Pembrokeshire

Little Grebe 44

Cormorant 57

Shag 2

Little Egret 77

Grey Heron 46

Mute Swan 174

Greylag Goose 2

Canada Goose 1972

Barnacle Goose 6

Light-bellied Brent Goose 1

Shelduck 23

Wigeon 914

Gadwall 3

Teal 600

Mallard 684

Pintail 6

Moorhen 75

Coot 90

Oystercatcher 580

Ringed Plover 61

Grey Plover 2

Knot 13

Sanderling 12

Dunlin 86

Ruff 1

Snipe 21

Bar-tailed Godwit 1

Whimbrel 1

Curlew 517

Spotted Redshank 1

Redshank 175

Greenshank 40

Common Sandpiper 4

Turnstone 50

Kingfisher 6

Mediterranean Gull 10

Black-headed Gull 2018

Common Gull 2

Lesser Black-backed Gull 172

Herring Gull 1045

Great Black-backed Gull 50

Sandwich Tern 10

Common Tern 1

Feral/hybrid goose 2

Manx Shearwater 2

Bar-headed Goose 2

Razorbill 1

Sparrowhawk 1

Buzzard 1

Peregrine 3

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wetland Bird Survey

The next count is on October 8th. We are looking for counters for the Pwllcrochan Flats and Trefloyne Pools. Any volunteers with reasonable ID skills for waders and wildfowl, please contact us -
Winter Plover Survey - Volunteers needed

More information at

We have been allocated some random tetrads for survey, so any volunteers would be much appreciated. Contact me and I'll send the recording forms and maps.

St Bride's
Hermon (up in the north-east)
Puncheston Common/Dyffryn Mawr area
Clarbeston Road
Dinas Island
Gupton Burrows
Merrion/Warren (Castlemartin).

Survey dates are based around the weekends of Oct 8th, Nov 19th, Dec 17th, Jan 21st, Feb 18th (same as Wetland Bird Survey)

All other records of Lapwing and Golden Plovers should be put onto the BTO website or birdtrack.

Monday, August 28, 2006

BTO summer surveys

Anyone taking part in the Breeding Bird Survey, the Waterways Breeding Bird Survey, the Dartford Warbler Survey, the Scarce Woodland Bird Survey or any other BTO survey that I've missed, please get your forms to us as soon as possible. For the Breeding Bird Survey, you can input your data directly onto the BTO BBS website, and so far four people have done so this year - I get a message saying that you have input data, so then I can stop chasing you for it.
Pembrokeshire Breeding Bird Atlas

With the season for breeding birds now pretty much at an end (though there were still a few wrens fledging in the last few days) I hope you can all find time soon to get all your records onto recording sheets and sent to Graham Rees as soon as possible. If things have gone to plan, we should end the season with some records for every tetrad in the county.
Even if you haven't recorded anything specifically for the atlas, records of green woodpecker, lesser spotted woodpecker, redstart and spotted flycatcher (among others) will be very much appreciated.

NB Graham Rees (Pembrokeshire Bird Recorder)
22 Priory Road, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8BB