Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wetland Bird Survey 2009-10

It's getting around to the season for WeBS counts again.

There are several sites that need new counters, due to the previous counters retiring. So, if you fancy doing a monthly count at one of the following sites, please let me know:

Western Cleddau - Hook to Sprinkle,
Eastern Cleddau,
Millin Pill,
Cosheston Pill,
Westfield Pill,
Pwllcrochan Flats
Trefloyne Pools.

If anyone wants to do a count in August, the official date is August 23rd - regular counters can enter their data directly, if anyone else does a site, send me the data and I'll input it. Dates for the regular season are as follows.

20th September
11th October
22nd November
20th December
17th January
21st February
14th March